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Inequality - calling it out is not enough.

Oct 11, 2019
Working in higher education, we strive to solve the most pressing challenges in the world. Imagining that we can do this as one homogeneous group is a mistake. In fact, it's probably how we got to this situation in the first place.

Mental Health – what are we doing?

Oct 09, 2019
Every business wants to perform well, whether that is for-profit or otherwise. But performing well doesn’t have to come at the expense of your mental health. Achieving a balance is absolutely key. After all, who actually thinks family should come second?

Taking kindness to a national level

Jul 16, 2019
Do we want to be seen as the arrogant know-it-all who may be pretty good at some stuff but wants to be the centre of attention and have everyone gravitate towards them? Or do we want to be seen as the helpful, generous, open-minded friend who is willing to listen and learn and reach out to help resolve problems? Do we want to be inward-facing and self-centred or outward-looking and interested in others? How about striving to become a sector characterised by kindness: one that is described by those in other countries not just as a world-class system, but as a world-class collaborator and friend?

Will Spinks joins Halpin’s Consulting Fellows

Jul 11, 2019
Halpin is pleased to announce the addition of Will Spinks to its team of Consulting Fellows.

A developmental and provocative approach to HE and the arts: an analysis

Jun 18, 2019
One of the most important and indeed provocative papers is Being in Tune: Seeking ways of addressing isolation and dislocation through engaging in the arts. Its intent is to encourage discussion and debate, to allow us the space, time and opportunity to ask challenging questions about the arts and our responsibilities to society so that we can “respond creatively to the massive changes taking place in society.” This “Provocation” is full of passion, energy, ideas, some frustration and just a smidge of righteous indignation.

Are your family policies reinforcing stereotypes?

May 29, 2019
Whilst changes in leave entitlements and family structures have taken place, can the same be said for the diversity of policies and procedures, or are universities reinforcing stereotypes of an outdated nuclear family? If so, is that practice unintentionally inhibiting institutional culture and inclusivity?

How to tackle inequality in your institution

Apr 24, 2019
How do you tackle inequality in your institution? If we are starting right at the beginning of this journey (which many of us are – even though we do not want to admit it!) then the simple answer is to own it. Everything else will follow.

Case Study - Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, Equality and Diversity Review

Mar 27, 2019
Case Study - Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, Equality and Diversity Review