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#WorldKindnessDay2019 - higher education leading the way

Nov 13, 2019
On #WorldKindnessDay2019 management consultancy Halpin Partnership celebrates Joint CEO Susie Hills along with fellow higher education professionals for their kindness in leadership.

Five features of successful projects

Sep 27, 2019
Throughout our work we have identified a series of factors that lead to a successful project – here are five to get you started. Use them to guide your work internally or to get the best out of consultants who work with you.

Can student recruitment and kindness fit together?

Jul 19, 2019
We've been talking a lot about kindness at Halpin recently. Susie has written about kindness in fundraising and Shaun's latest blog reflects on whether it is better to be kind, or right. So I've been reflecting on the role that kindness plays in student marketing and the extent to which it can still be genuine, even if the main purpose is to recruit students.

Taking kindness to a national level

Jul 16, 2019
Do we want to be seen as the arrogant know-it-all who may be pretty good at some stuff but wants to be the centre of attention and have everyone gravitate towards them? Or do we want to be seen as the helpful, generous, open-minded friend who is willing to listen and learn and reach out to help resolve problems? Do we want to be inward-facing and self-centred or outward-looking and interested in others? How about striving to become a sector characterised by kindness: one that is described by those in other countries not just as a world-class system, but as a world-class collaborator and friend?

Announcement: Halpin declares climate emergency

Jul 01, 2019
Management consultancy firm Halpin Partnership has declared a climate emergency and set out its response plan.

Asking on the first meeting: good practice, or scandalously impolite?

Jun 28, 2019
If you ask well, politely, with enthusiasm and genuine belief, and in an area they have indicated they are interested in, there should be no way that you can cause offence. You will have set up the meeting in the first place (I hope) by saying that you would like to talk about them, update them on your institution, and talk about their support. If so, not to ask will seem very odd to them. And if you haven’t set up the meeting that way, why are you trying to hide the fact that you would like them to support your organisation financially?

Better to be kind, than to be right?

Jun 27, 2019
In working with Senior Leadership teams and individuals, we will often discuss how they can get the outcome they really want, if they are willing to give up the need to be seen to be right, and to “win”. I have sat in countless meetings where all parties could have walked away with exactly what they wanted, but their need to be publicly seen to be correct got in the way. I have often seen that the need to be “right” holds you back as a leader – you can’t bring people with you if you are only focused on yourself.

Kindness - the perfect guide to fundraising?

May 24, 2019
What if we reimagined fundraising using the guiding principle of kindness? Kindness means we can trust one another, and that trust will allow us to try new things and challenge the norms. Our profession needs to regain trust and we have to start with one another.