The higher education sector now largely agrees that students are customers, with the focus on their needs having evolved beyond recognition in the last ten years. Teaching and learning innovations, student experience, mental health and graduate outcomes have now all become core to a university’s strategy.

Alongside this, increased competition for those students means the contribution of marketing and communications is more significant now than it has ever been. Attracting prospective students, developing a distinctive brand, employee communications and portfolio analysis all serve the central tenet of being market-focused.

We work with you to understand your audience, develop winning marketing strategies and deliver student experiences that delight.

Whether the focus is UK, EU or international student recruitment, employer branding or alumni engagement, this may include some element of research; from quantitative data on market trends, country analysis or campaign results, to qualitative insight into attitudes, behaviours or needs.

We also carry out portfolio reviews based on recruitment trends, market demand and industry needs, map applicant or student journeys by different segment to identify the key interactions likely to improve conversion and experience, and listen to your target audiences through focus groups, interviews or surveys. We carry out competitor analysis to help you understand your positioning, develop marketing strategies at university or portfolio level and work alongside your teams to plan and deliver effective marketing campaigns. We also provide interim staffing.

Whether the challenge is big or small, whether the project is cross-institutional or with a narrow remit, we can help. We love to listen and learn; and our preference is to work alongside you and your teams. We know that this approach is more likely to deliver actionable and sustainable results.

We don’t prescribe the solutions. Our network of Consulting Fellows has expertise in international student recruitment, employer branding, communications, marketing strategy and more. This means we have no agenda in shaping your challenge in a particular way; we simply create a bespoke team of experts especially for you.

Halpin can also help with 

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> Governance

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